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Historical Properties, Buildings & Gardens In Evanston, IL

EVANSTON, ILLINOIS – Historical properties, buildings and gardens – Some with Limestone, Granite, marble or Slate.. Evanston, Il is filled with history.  In fact, there are 61 locations and properties on the National Register of Historic Buildings! Evanston even has its own ” Historical Society” not far from the Shakespeare Gardens and Grosse Point Lighthouse. Marble, and, at times, Granite, […]

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Don’t Let Old Man Winter Blast Away The Finish On Your Marble, Limestone, Granite Or Travertine Floors, Walls, Facades, Etc.

That time of year is quickly approaching. The first snow is always pretty until the snow, dirty oily residue and salt are dragged into your home and on to your beautiful marble, limestone, granite and travertine floors. Dirt, oil, water and salt can damage your floors during the winter months. One way to protect your […]

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Holiday Care Tips

This Holiday season, you shouldn’t have to stress about getting ring marks on your beautiful Carrera White Marble counter tops or etching your elegant Black Granite kitchen island.  By following a few simple steps, you will preserve the beauty of your natural stone for many holidays to come. • Keep coasters handy at all times […]

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