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Granite in Commercial Real Estate, Government Buildings, and Residential Installations

Many of the commercial projects we work on (including government buildings, condominiums, office buildings, and banks) involve granite.  It is a very popular building material, known for its durability and beauty.  Granite’s advantage shows in its ability to resist scratches and maintain a gloss finish.  However, granite has “Do’s and Don’ts” similar to other stone: […]

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Stone Polishing and Restoration Issues: Luster

When it comes to the polish level (‘finish’) of stone, our commercial and residential stone restoration and polishing services involve some subjective interpretation.  The question of ‘how shiny’ to make the floor can be a large one.  It can bring up questions of aesthetics, cost, and even safety.  If the finish makes the floor more […]

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Stone Self-Maintenance for Commercial Spaces

Commercial spaces (Corporate Environments, Developers, Condominiums, Banks, etc) are a large part of our focus, at Sungloss Marble Restoration Company.  Self-maintenance (or lack therof)  is a running theme we encounter when consulting with our clients.  Building Managers wonder what to do to maintain their Marble, Terrazzo, Slate, or Granite floors.  We try to educate our […]

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