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Oxidized Cement-based Terrazzo Floor

The Difference between Cement Based Vs Epoxy Terrazzo

Do you know the difference between cement-based and epoxy-based Terrazzo floors? Epoxy and cement based floors are poured and have zinc or brass dividers normally. Additionally, they are not grouted. Cemented-based Terrazzo is made with a cement mix and contains aggregate chips (marble granite or glass). On the other hand, epoxy terrazzo is a resin […]

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Color, Light and Natural Stone Surfaces 101

Benjamin Moore representatives gave an excellent seminar at Chicago’s world renowned Merchandise Mart earlier this week (October, 2018) explaining the effects of lighting on various surfaces – especially in their industry – painted surfaces.  But, it applies to Natural stone and the various hues, enhancements, reflections or non-reflections that drive some commercial and residential customers to the brink of insanity sometimes […]

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