Oxidized Cement-based Terrazzo Floor

The Difference between Cement Based Vs Epoxy Terrazzo

Do you know the difference between cement-based and epoxy-based Terrazzo floors? Epoxy and cement based floors are poured and have zinc or brass dividers normally. Additionally, they are not grouted. Cemented-based Terrazzo is made with a cement mix and contains aggregate chips (marble granite or glass). On the other hand, epoxy terrazzo is a resin mix with a variety of chips. Epoxy terrazzo offers a wide range of colors, while cement-based not so much. Cement-based terrazzo is much easier to polish and can achieve a high gloss luster versus the satin/satin luster that is only seen with any epoxy-based floor. The cost of an epoxy-based floor is much less than that of a cement-based terrazzo floor, as well.

Do you know what type of terrazzo your floor is? The professionals at Sungloss Marble Terrazzo and, technically Sungloss Marble and Terrazzo Maintenance Company, strip, polish and seal epoxy and cement based terrazzo floors, restoring the surfaces in your home or building to their previous luster.

We can consult with you Re the plus, minuses and caveats for this historically evolved Italian artistic floor.