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Wax Buildup Damage On Natural Stone Flooring

At Sungloss Marble Restoration Company our position is a natural stone floor such as marble, limestone, terrazzo, travertine, granite, or slate, should be maintained as ‘naturally’ as possible. We strongly recommend against using wax as a sealer or polish enhancer. Instead, the natural beauty of a stone surface can shine through simply through natural polishing […]

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The Beginning of Marble Restoration: What Exactly is Marble in the First Place?

At Sungloss Marble Restoration Company, we have been repairing, cleaning, refinishing, polishing and honing marble, limestone, granite, terrazzo, slate, and many other stone surfaces for over 20 years. But we almost never stop to think about where it all starts—the origin of the beautiful, versatile, and natural material known as marble. In basic terms, marble […]

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Green Business Quarterly Highlights Sungloss Marble Restoration’s Dedication to Environmentally Conscious Stone Restoration

We are honored to be featured in an upcoming issue of Green Business Quarterly. The informative article by Jamie Ludwig highlights the positives of natural stone restoration. It gives a rundown of the green practices we adhere to, as well as the overall environmental advantages natural stone restoration provides to our commercial and residential clients. […]

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