The Importance of After-Care – Save $$, Keep Your Stone Looking Best, Longer

Happy New Year from us at Sungloss Marble Company!

Struggling to keep your stone surfaces looking like new after they’ve been cared for by good craftsmen? Look no further! We at Sungloss Marble provide informational Aftercare Sheets for both commercial and residential properties to help maintain the quality of your stone after we are gone. It’s important to note that a lot of misinformation is out there on how to take care of stone, so we wanted to set the record straight by providing that information to our customers directly after their services.

For any stone, treating them carefully is the first line of defense.

Use mats or area rugs to help minimize dirt, grit, and salt from scratching the stone. Don’t forget to clean under these too, as they gather moisture, dust, and salt regularly.

Blot spills immediately. Don’t wipe.

Rinsing or cleaning carefully with a neutral stone cleaner is a great way to keep the stone looking its best.

Sealing once a year with a high-quality penetrating stone sealer.

This by no means is an exhaustive list, but it’s a great first step in taking care of the stone we have refurbished. For a copy of our aftercare sheet, please email [email protected].

Poll: Where do you find your information about how to take care of your stone? Please send us as many lettered information groups as you use to find information! 

  • A.) Read online sources.
  • B.) Contact stone care providers for information.
  • C.) Word of mouth (neighbors, friends).
  • D.) Housekeeping business.
  • E.) Mr. Fix-It on WGN Radio.
  • F.) Restoration, refinishing professionals.
  • G.) Other