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The Restoration, Recycling And Renewal Of Marble

THE RESTORATION, RECYCLING AND RENEWAL OF MARBLE – As A Way To Help Save the Planet While Improving Your Curb Appeal, Selling Your Home Or Building Yes, this is NOT a “spin” (we actually don’t spin marble tiles!) the restoration of marble and other natural stone vs. the quarrying, cutting, transporting, fabricating, re-transporting, installing and […]

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What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Marble (or Limestone, or Travertine, some Granite, and other Natural Stones)

Basics of Marble And Natural Stone Tile Ownership Part 1: Why acids damage your beautiful marble. As it relates to natural stone tile and other precious surfaces, you may wonder why you see dull spots on your marble around the sink, dull ring marks that match the shape of your favorite highball glass, or marks […]

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