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Heat, Humidity & Natural Stone Restoration

Customers ask, “Is it ” ok ” to clean, polish and seal my dining room floor and then clean and seal my Indiana Limestone porch when it’s 95f and 70% + humidity?”. Well, it depends. Inside , the AC and the airflow are correct and good – why not? Unless there are pocketswhere the airflow […]

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Natural Stone- Adaptable With Your Changing Tastes and Trends

Many consumers are unaware that their highly polished marble, granite, travertine, or limestone surfaces can be refinished to a different luster. If you are changing your home, that high gloss white marble floor can be honed to a flat finish to better represent your new style. From countertops to floors, honing your material can change […]

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How to Care for your Natural Stone

Keeping your Marble (or other natural stone) looking beautiful doesn’t always cost an arm and a leg.  By following a simple set of “care tips”, put together by The Marble Institute of America, you will keep your durable stone looking beautiful and radiant.  Do your natural stone a favor, follow the “care tips on this […]

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