Heat, Humidity & Natural Stone Restoration

Customers ask, “Is it ” ok ” to clean, polish and seal my dining room floor and then clean and seal my Indiana Limestone porch when it’s 95f and 70% + humidity?”. Well, it depends.
Inside , the AC and the airflow are correct and good – why not? Unless there are pocketswhere the airflow is not
eliminating the high humidity there is no reason not to proceed.
Outdoors, or in basements or lower levels, that may
NOT be the case.  Most sealants, caulks and grouts issue a written caveat against proceeding in weather that is either too hot or too humid or both. The caveats vary. I’ve seen a range of 90f and 60% humidity as a start point and others with a higher start point for danger in application. Read the FINE PRINT on the manufacturers can or bottle. They usually spend $ and time testing, having independent labs test how these products react under certain conditions.  Misapplications can cause poor sealant results, oxidation, smearing, and worse.  Best to be conservative and save the outdoor work for another day – or, move to Paradise where you won’t need to concern yourself with the climatic conditions.

Good Luck !