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How to Hire (or Fire) the Right Marble Restoration Contractor for Your Needs

Here, at Sungloss Marble Restoration, we’ve been around the block. We’ve seen other stone restoration companies in Chicagoland come and go. We’ve even cleaned up after other contractor’s messes and flubs. We can’t claim to be the biggest or newest natural stone restoration contractor in Chicago, but what we can do is offer excellent value […]

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Chicago Marble, Granite, Limestone, Slate, Terrazzo, Travertine Restoration Special!

Sungloss Marble Restoration Company has been serving Chicagoland for over 20 years, in the business of natural stone restoration. We’ve served our clients’ needs anywhere from in Federal building or condominium lobbies, private residences, or construction sites, to name a few. Our customers include homeowners, banks, businesses, developers, villages, or even State or Federal agencies. […]

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Marble, Limestone, Granite Sealers–Part of Our Green Restoration Goal

At Sungloss Marble Restoration Company, for over 20 years we have been looking for the Holy Grail of the Stone Care Industry: a ‘miracle’ impregnating sealer. The harsh reality is, there are some amazing sealers on the market, but there really is no such thing as a breathable ‘true’ stone prophylactic, especially for calciferous stone […]

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