How to Hire (or Fire) the Right Marble Restoration Contractor for Your Needs

Here, at Sungloss Marble Restoration, we’ve been around the block. We’ve seen other stone restoration companies in Chicagoland come and go. We’ve even cleaned up after other contractor’s messes and flubs. We can’t claim to be the biggest or newest natural stone restoration contractor in Chicago, but what we can do is offer excellent value and quality natural stone wet grinding, honing, sealing, polishing, and cleaning work, with personal customer service that dazzles our customer’s expectations. That’s precisely how we have been operating year-in and year-out, since 1990.

We keep our contacts fresh, and we keep our ear to the ground. Sometimes we hear about what other restoration companies are up to. Recently, we’ve heard a few unfortunate stories about property managers ending contracts with our competitors.

We work very hard at delivering value-conscious, transparent, and communicative service and results. We will set up reasonable expectations of the work schedule. We won’t lie to you and tell you something is not fixable (i.e. “its in the stone”) when there are options, or the other hand, tell you we can make it look “brand new” when we can’t. We also will leave the job site exactly as we found it – no mess, no dust, no equipment left behind, nothing except the stellar results of our stone cleaning, polishing, or honing work.

While other companies compete for business with us, we can’t help but recognize and thank the hundreds and hundreds of satisfied banks, homeowners, property managers, real estate developers, condominium associations, federal buildings, churches and synagogues, and construction companies who have worked with Sungloss Marble Restoration year after year. We appreciate your business and will continue to work hard to be the most competitive and best quality natural stone restoration contractor out there.