Springtime Musings

Though we are a successful natural stone restoration company, sometimes parts of the industry are hard to contend with. The need for skilled, honest, and reliable craftsmen is very high and difficult to find, and we are no stranger to the difficulty. It seems like more and more potential workers without opportunities to attend entry level training on natural stone craftsmanship, want to sit and make their money to support families by trading bitcoins, driving a truck, or “living off of the land”!

As we edge closer and closer to retirement, we have seen how the industry’s landscape has changed both residentially and commercially. Some things, however, seem to stay the same. For instance, spring and summer are still the busiest months, with lobbies and customers looking for their stone to be refreshed. On a past blog we highlight 6 steps to keep your floors in shape before and after refurbishing your stone.

One caveat to that blog that we forgot to mention is the use of vegetable oil-based soap. As mentioned here, do not use Murphy’s Oil Soap nor Flax Soap to clean any of your natural stone floors. The vegetable residue over time embeds into the pores of the stone, clashing with the refinishing and/or sealing of the floor.

An immense thank you to all of the residential and commercial customers who have helped Sungloss rise into the company it is now. We will miss you as the sun starts to set on Sungloss.

a picture of a sunrise/sunset