Green Business Quarterly Highlights Sungloss Marble Restoration’s Dedication to Environmentally Conscious Stone Restoration

We are honored to be featured in an upcoming issue of Green Business
. The informative article by Jamie Ludwig highlights the
positives of natural stone restoration. It gives a rundown of the green
practices we adhere to, as well as the overall environmental advantages
natural stone restoration provides to our commercial and residential

In the big picture, choosing to restore marble, granite, limestone,
terrazzo, travertine, and other natural stone
, saves energy by
preventing quarried stone (which takes much water and energy to produce)
from going into the market. Natural restoration also steers clients towards a
topcoat-free, natural finish, which stops the cycle of toxic floor
coating compounds from entering waterways.

Locally, our day-to-day activities work towards lowering emissions and
saving energy. Our fleet of gas-sipping small engine wagons is well
maintained, and our office is lit by CFL fixtures and/or natural light.

The article goes on to highlight our recent work at the Administration
and Public Safety Complex in Elk Grove Village, the state of Illinois’
first town hall designated to receive LEED Gold certification. Sungloss’
Vice President, Lisa Park, is quoted explaining our role in the LEED
Gold certification:

“The old building had granite flooring which had been waxed over and
over again. We spent about a month removing all of the old wax with a
biodegradable stripping agent and water. Once we come in it’s the last
time you have to do the waxing and stripping cycle. [Using] water-based
products, few chemicals are needed to take care of the floor.”

Sungloss Marble’s President, Mike Pavilon, points out the longevity of
marble structures going as far back as the ancient world, to illustrate
the usefulness of maintaining these beautiful and unique building
materials. Our assertion is that in the 21^st Century, we must choose
practices that are as helpful to the environment as possible. That
position comes across well, thanks to Green Business Quarterly.