Color, Light and Natural Stone Surfaces 101

Benjamin Moore representatives gave an excellent seminar at Chicago's world renowned Merchandise Mart earlier this week (October, 2018) explaining the effects of lighting on various surfaces - especially in their industry - painted surfaces.  But, it applies to Natural stone and the various hues, enhancements, reflections or non-reflections that drive some commercial and residential customers to the brink of insanity sometimes - trying to change the Stone Surface rather than the lighting..!

Some fundamental issues were presented by Jason Walker of Benjamin Moore:  

1. Our eyes can be deceived as we all have different strengths of vision, perceptions, and realizing that only a tiny per cent of all light is considered "visible"!

2. Daylight is NOT always neutral light and often has a "blue hue" to the areas it shines on thus changing the color hue of marble, etc..

3. Warm colors like yellow, orange can have "warming effect" on our attitudes & well-being suggesting acceptance of minor etches and scratches??

4. The trend in Stone Surface appearance lately has been "matte finish " or "satin finish" - two very subjective terms that mean different things to different people at different times.  Yes, matte is not always considered COMPLETELY without Luster ... and satin is the most misconstrued in paint and stone surfaces - thus raising the number of "returns and redo's" so costly for the skilled craftsmen of the Stone Industry..

And, finally, 5. The best LED lights at the time of this writing has a CRI, or Color Rendering Index, level of approximately 90 - which should be written on the LED package.  If not, ask your local retailer.  It matters.

Don't remain in the DARK ! Apply some basic light principles.

We do at Sungloss Marble Company - with Limestone, Marble, Granite, Onyx, Slate, Terrazzo, Quartz, Quartzite, Concrete and more in our restoration, cleaning and refinishing of all Natural Stone Surfaces - be it Lobbies, entries, foyers, kitchens or baths.