Granite in Commercial Real Estate, Government Buildings, and Residential Installations

Many of the commercial projects we work on (including government buildings, condominiums, office buildings, and banks) involve granite.  It is a very popular building material, known for its durability and beauty.  Granite’s advantage shows in its ability to resist scratches and maintain a gloss finish.  However, granite has “Do’s and Don’ts” similar to other stone:

DO keep clean of dust, debris, and dirt.  Dust mop, use rinseless neutral stone soap, and carpet runners.

DO periodically seal with a penetrating sealer for granite.

DON’T clean with glass cleaners, vinegar, citrus cleaners, or Soft Scrub.

(For residential clients) DON’T cut food on your countertop without a cutting board, or set down hot pots and pans without trivets.

Granite can dull or scratch so it needs to be properly taken care of.  Unfortunately for our clients, especially the owners of buildings with public lobbies or high traffic, this fact is known painfully well.  That is where Sungloss Marble Restoration Company comes in—we use our granite-specific restoration procedures to shine and maintain commercial granite that’s worn down, scratched, chipped, or dull.   Here’s a link to a ‘do’s and don’ts’ for granite on the web: (link)