Historical Properties, Buildings & Gardens In Evanston, IL

EVANSTON, ILLINOIS – Historical properties, buildings and gardens – Some with Limestone, Granite, marble or Slate..

Evanston, Il is filled with history.  In fact, there are 61 locations and properties on the National Register of Historic Buildings! Evanston even has its own ” Historical Society” not far from the Shakespeare Gardens and Grosse Point Lighthouse.

Marble, and, at times, Granite, has been restored at historic properties to make them look ” better” but not TOO GOOD so as to take their ” antiquing and historical look ” away.  That is very important in the restoration process that Sungloss Marble and other good restoration companies strive for.

Among the properties that Sungloss Marble Co. has helped restore in Evanston, IL is one with Black , cement base Terrazzo on Michigan Avenue ( not Chicago’s Mag Mile Michigan !) which took several men several days to fully restore, now “beautiful “!  Join the restoration revival!