Holiday Care Tips

This Holiday season, you shouldn’t have to stress about getting ring marks on your beautiful Carrera White Marble counter tops or etching your elegant Black Granite kitchen island.  By following a few simple steps, you will preserve the beauty of your natural stone for many holidays to come.

• Keep coasters handy at all times and use them under all glasses, especially those containing alcohol or citrus.  Put trivets under dishes. This will help prevent those pesky ring marks.

• Spills are usually unavoidable, especially with kids around.  Be sure to blot the spill immediately with a paper towel.  Don’t wipe the area, as it will spread the spill. If a stain occurs, wash the area with mild soap dish and cold water, hot water will make a stain worse, and dry with a clean cloth.

• A common step many people take is having their stone sealed.  Sealing your counters won’t make them stain proof, but will add an extra layer of protection by making them more resistant to staining.  We recommend using a water-based sealer that is non-toxic.

• Remember that Marble is a calcareous stone, which means it is sensitive to vinegar and acids.  Using festive holiday runners as well as coasters and trivets will not only add to the festivities, but will provide some extra protection on your counters.

We will be glad to send you our Care and Cleaning of Natural Stone booklet for more tips on identifying and removing stains, as well as extra precautions to take.   Give us a call today!