Don’t Let Old Man Winter Blast Away The Finish On Your Marble, Limestone, Granite Or Travertine Floors, Walls, Facades, Etc.

That time of year is quickly approaching. The first snow is always pretty until the snow, dirty oily residue and salt are dragged into your home and on to your beautiful marble, limestone, granite and travertine floors. Dirt, oil, water and salt can damage your floors during the winter months.

One way to protect your floors is to place large mats around your home.  A large mat with vinyl or rubber backing in front of your door will protect the floor as people enter your home. You can also put mats outside of your doors. This gives double protection from snow, salt, oil and dirt. Industrial grade mats can absorb or repel water and give added protection from salt and dirt.

Be sure to take your shoes off at the door and ask your guests as well when entering your home. This will help greatly to protect your floors. Blot any water immediately with a soft dry cloth. Blot dry salt from floor with a mixture of water and a drop or two of a mild dish soap using a sponge or soft mop head and dry with a soft cloth. You don’t want to sweep the dried salt as it may hurt the floors finish. Washing your floors once a week will help to wash away any areas of salt that may have been missed. Break any oils or greaser down with dishwashing soap and warm water with a sponge.

Let’s hope Old Man Winter doesn’t want to wear out his welcome.