Your Lobby Floors Say Everything About Your Building

Marble polishing

Marble Lobby Polishing

When walking into a grand lobby, the first thing that catches your eye is the floor.  Lobby floors may be a beautiful marble, glittery granite, or a glossy terrazzo.  Tennessee Pink Marble, a historic, beautiful – but tough – marble, or a Verde Green Marble are great examples of eye-popping, natural stone floors.

To walk in and see dull and scratched marble floors or heavily waxed terrazzo that looks dingy in one area and shines in another is a disappointment.  Granite floors with missing and discolored grout is quite unattractive to potential home buyers as well.  Your lobby gives buyers their first impression of the building, so wouldn’t you want to entice them?  Covering up dingy looking floors with drab rugs and furniture is a flat-out deal breaker.  Curb appeal is not just a good thing, it may be the “only thing” to attract renters and buyers competitively.

Spring is just around the corner and it is the perfect time to spruce up your stone floors after a long, dreary winter.  It only takes a phone call or email to contact Sungloss Marble and restore your floors to their former glory.