What Does Your Lobby Say About You?

Benjamin Franklin said, “Time is money”. In the February issue of Northern Illinois Real Estate Magazine, Clark Johnson, Director of Marketing for Finishing Contractors Association of America related that phrase to empty unit space in both commercial and residential spaces.  Empty unit space is a loss in potential income. The first impression visitors and potential buyers get when they set foot in your lobby could be the selling, or breaking, point. Many times that impression is not even talked about, it’s an unconscious feeling and memory that can either “turn on” or “turn off”.

Hotel or condo lobbies should delight and welcome. One way to emanate that impression is keeping the marble, granite and limestone, usually at a high gloss polish, in tip-top shape. Hospital lobbies should comfort – usually at a low or satin luster, and bank lobbies should communicate strength and organization – usually a clean, honed luster.
A small budget can go a long way when trying to improve the “messy or unkempt” feeling visitors get, especially with restoration of marble, granite, terrazzo & limestone. It’s a cost effective and very important aspect of managing a building, and homes, alike.