Unusual Stones

Some people like marble, but want something different. Some people think granite is boring and want something with more pizzazz. Unique stones like onyx which contains quartz and labradorite a beautiful blue color stone from Labrador, Canada that contains feldspar found in granite and quartz are making an appearance in kitchens, bathrooms and bars.  Some quartz has the look of popular marbles.

These unusual stones give your home a unique look. Onyx isn’t used only for jewelry and accessory pieces; it can be a floor or counter – At best not in a lobby! Amethyst and rose quartz are not only gem stones, but, can now be found in your kitchen counter tops and bathroom vanities.

Agglomerated stone or volcanic stone is being used more and more with marble. “Agglomerare” in Latin means “to form a ball.”  These different ropy, folded and spindled shapes are characteristic of agglomerated stones. This stone adds different character to your marble kitchen or bath.

You don’t have to have the “run of the mill” counters. You can have unique stones that give your home or meeting place an unusual look, while gaining envy from all of your friends. Stay away from the normal and embrace the unique.