The 16th Century Narutis Hotel – as part of the Commerical/historic properties

Historic properties are often ” regulated” or guided by various city, state or federal agencies for which certain standards and rules must apply, e.g. that the structure cannot be ” materially changed” without the approval of the government agency.  Or, that certain specified processes only must be used in the restoration.

Old Town , Vilnius, Lithuania Totally refurbished into a modern delightful hotel keeping most of the stone and original masonry . That’s 500 years of well kept ” wear and tear “!!!

Lobbies and facades are often a part of the restorations – with marble, limestone, granite, slate and other
natural stone being the most common, durable and beauty-enhancing parts to the entry areas – designed to ” knock your socks off” upon entering.

The Narutis Hotel – rated an 8.9 of best 10 on – is one of those restorations in historic and
beautiful Vilnius, Lithuania – long a ” lost gem” of the tourist marketplace, but recently being discovered.

Closer to home the Wrigley Bldg., the Somerset Apartments and the former Golblatt’s Store on Chicago’s South Side have all been part of some Sungloss Marble Company work in assisting making these historic structures retain and/or augment their beauty through safe and sound procedures of restoration.

When confronted with a historic building. or structure – research on the internet the various rules and regulations from the local, state and/or federal groups.

Tread lightly – as sometimes the bureaucracy can be overwhelming.