Taking Counters for Granite

When choosing materials for your office, lobby, and home’s surfaces, there are a lot of variables to consider. The material, color, function, and so on. Function should be the most important aspect to consider and like a waterfall, should influence each following decision.

There is a reason natural stone, Granite in particular, is a popular countertop material. The function of a kitchen counter usually involves having spills, cutting, and food products being casually placed bare upon the surface. Take that and look at the properties of Granite. It is a hard stone, 6 or higher on the Mohs scale, which makes it resistant to any scratching. It has little to no calcite which means that acid spills like lime/orange juice will not mar the surface with an eye sore. Lastly, the porosity of Granite is much lower than Marble which, in conjunction with a penetrative sealer, prevents most staining. Though it should be noted that even within Granites, there exists a variety of properties.

All these characteristics that make Granite an excellent countertop also make it harder to work with. A yin and yang as it be. Its hardness can make restoration and luster adjustments more difficult than a softer stone. However here at Sungloss we specialize in stone renewal, restoration, refinishing, and repair. That includes from the softest Marble to the hardest Granite. When it comes to stone, don’t make it hard on yourself.

-Ulysse Bergquist

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