Sustainable Modernization Through Green Marble, Limestone, Natural Stone Maintenance and Restoration

At Sungloss Marble Restoration Company, one of the things we offer to our real estate developers, banks, condominium associations, homeowners, and real estate management clients to name a few, is the ability to increase the curb appeal of their property. The services we provide are all designed to improve the quality and beauty of a building’s existing stone surfaces. A simple example would be a reception area. Sungloss has worked on countless Granite, Marble, Limestone, Terrazzo, Slate, and other natural stone reception area floors and desks. In some specific cases, the floors in an area may not necessarily be in poor shape, but the reception counter might be dull, scratched, etched, or dirty. Something as simple as cleaning and polishing a stone reception desk makes a huge difference in the overall impression users of the building get when they first walk in, and is an example of the kind of value Sungloss can add to improve curb appeal.

At Sungloss, we have been part of sustainable modernization projects in Chicagoland and even a LEED-CI certified project in a Chicago office. “Curb appeal” in these projects in the greater sense is “green appeal” because our work, combined with the owners’ and managers’ desire to update and beautify their property, also contributes to a greener environment. This could include cleaning restoring stone flooring once thought to be ‘un-restorable’ (thus saving them from a dumpster), or even stripping all previous coats of wax on a terrazzo or marble floor and educating building maintenance staff on better ways to clean, maintain, and preserve their looby floor that does not involve waxing.

A very large sustainable modernization project we know of in Chicago is taking place at the Willis Tower. It includes “upgrades to the mechanical systems, restroom fixtures and condensation recovery systems, and…renewable energy sources, likely resulting in U.S. Green Building LEED Platinum certification once completed (Contractor Magazine August 1, 2009).” Not only will they be replacing all the windows, there’s even plans for a rooftop garden. It is the largest sustainable modernization project in the U.S. and we are excited for the repercussions in the stone maintenance, cleaning, polishing, and refinishing industry, of this very visble ‘green appeal’ project! (And if you are in the Willis Tower management office and need a quote for stone polishing or maintenance, give Sungloss a call!)