Sungloss Marble Restoration: Where To Get Stuff Fixed

Our excitement and pride is beaming this month, after being featured in Chicago Magazine’s annual “Where To Get Stuff Fixed” list (link). This perennial list uncovers the cream of the crop for repair and renovation services in and around Chicago. Savvy homeowners have used this list to help save money, and to save worn-out things from hitting the landfill. Our customers already know it, but to those new potential customers who are wondering: restoration and renovation of your existing marble, granite, limestone, terra cotta, onyx, terrazzo, and/or travertine, is rewarding to your pocketbook, and even to the Environment.

As we’ve written about in previous News posts (link), the cost of restoration, refinishing, and renovation of existing natural stone in your home or building is almost always more economical than replacing the stone. This is good news to homeowners working within a budget. If one’s budget is stretched, we will work with you to prioritize your maintenance. At Sungloss we have always been dedicated to the education of our customers because it empowers them to understand and make decisions about the upkeep of their stone. Our tips and advice instruct our customers on prevention of future damage, wear, and growth of mold in showers, for example.

If restoration and renovation is eschewed in favor of installing new stone, the Environment may suffer. Quarrying and transporting stone has significant environmental impact over restoration. At Sungloss, we believe not only in the overall environmental benefits of restoration and maintenance, but we are dedicated to using low-VOC products and natural methods in our day-to-day operations. Whenever possible and practical, we even have purchased and maintained the most efficient vehicles for our fleet (yes, correct tire pressure does make a difference!) Sungloss Marble has even recently contributed to the LEED Platinum CI certification of a Chicago office. There, our restoration efforts reclaimed stone that would have otherwise been headed to the dumpster.

We thank Chicago Magazine for recognizing our efforts in renovation, repair, and maintenance of stone including but not limited to countertops, flooring, walls, and showers. We also thank our potential new customers for considering Sungloss as part of your stone restoration project. We’ve known the joys of stone repair and renovation for 20 years, and are excited to share the reward of restoration with you!