Sungloss Marble Restoration Visits Surfaces and World of Concrete Trade Shows

This week we are glad to report Lisa Park, Sungloss Marble Restoration’s Vice President, attended the Surfaces and World of Concrete trade shows in Las Vegas last week. Among the highlights of the shows was her visit with Jim Hieb of the Marble Institute of America, and learning more about grinding and polishing, as well as coloring and overlay processes for concrete at World of Concrete. Sungloss is very high on education—being on top of industry trends and passing knowledge on to our clients has always been part of how we add value to our stone maintenance and restoration clients.

Lisa renewed our knowledge base at the trade shows and reported back on all the new stone care and maintenance products on the market. It is educational opportunities like the shows in Las Vegas that have lead to some of our past decisions on the products we use. For example, our almost exclusive use of only water-based stone impregnators and sealers for the environment’s sake. It is developments in the industry like water-based products, natural orange-based cleansers and wax strippers, and low-VOC sealers, which help Sungloss achieve our Green Mission Statement.

Of course, networking is always a benefit of attending trade shows. The opportunity to reconnect face-to-face with our educational and industry affiliates, the Marble Institute of America, was delightful and helped reinforce our relationship with the MIA’s high standard of quality. No report from Lisa on the nightlife networking that may or may not have occurred in Vegas however. For now, she’s keeping true to their motto!

World of Concrete 2010

Jim Hieb (Marble Institute of America) and Lisa Park (Sungloss Marble Restoration)

Las Vegas at Night