Sungloss Marble Restoration – Restoring Natural Stone Commercial Lobbies and Entries

At Sungloss Marble Restoration, our foundation of quality refinishing is largely based on relationships with banks, hotels, condominiums, commercial, and government buildings in the city and suburbs in the Chicago area. Any given day will find us cleaning, grinding, polishing, and/or sealing a marble lobby or granite entry of a commercial building. It is this type of service that shows off the value and quality of our work.

Commercial lobbies made of marble, terrazzo, and granite are most common. We find them in various states of maintenance. Some contracts call for monthly touch-ups to an already well-maintained marble lobby, while other situations involve significant grinding due to years of neglect and/or heavy waxing. Throughout the whole spectrum, Sungloss is able to add value and curb appeal to the entry point of a commercial space.

Granite is an interesting stone used often in the last 15 or so years for commercial lobbies. We have found a range of quality in granite and how it reacts to refinishing techniques and also even learned some ‘granite’ is actually not truly granite at all. One such material is a stone called gabbro, which refers to a group of dark igneous rocks, typically sold as ‘black granite,’ which may have unexpected properties that hamper restoration. Other materials may be a mixture of granite and marble. While true granite is harder than marble, limestone, and terrazzo, it still will eventually wear and become dull. The very nature of granite makes it more involved to refinish—the grinding and polishing can take longer, thus the costs involved will typically be higher than other stone.

If your slate, terrazzo, limestone, granite, or marble lobby or entry needs professional cleaning, polishing, or other maintenance, Sungloss Marble Restoration Company is an affordable, professional service provider you should consider. We work with all types and sizes of commercial clients, with various contracts: from a simple cleaning including maintenance education to janitorial staff, standard periodic stone restoration (including grinding and polishing or re-honing, and sealing) to long-term maintenance. We thank our past clients for partnering with Sungloss, and look forward to servicing future commercial clients.