Sungloss Marble Company

For almost 20 years Sungloss Marble Company has been maintaining and beautifying natural stone surfaces in Chicago and its surrounding areas.  Leading the pack in the field of marble, granite, limestone, terrazzo and other stone restoration our company has worked with large commercial organizations and private residents to clean, polish, seal and repair the luster and appearance of their properties.

Sungloss, located at 937 N Ashland Ave in Chicago has a small but dedicated staff that is committed to the finest service and rehabilitation of the surfaces they care for.  Our specialists will arrive at job sites in Northwest Indiana, Southwest Michigan, Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois to work on projects large and small.   As natural stone restorers we strive to use the most environmentally-friendly products available to us to appropriately meet our clients’ needs.

Our mission has been to remove the layers of wax and polymers that have been traditionally applied to stone floors as a top coat.  Comparatively, our process of natural stone restoration allows us to eliminate the need for this  often hazardous material and capitalizes on the stone’s natural beauty and resiliency.

Today we begin this blog to let our clients–prospective, returning or otherwise–know and understand a little bit more about our trade and the natural care of stone surfaces.  We believe that this sort of information is valuable to all as the proper care of stone as a building material will reduce the need for the replacement and, therefore, unnecessary quarrying of new stone.

We hope that we can offer you some insight–in the form of tips, tricks and thoughts–that will help you in the care of your stone.  Feel free to visit the rest of our website at to learn more about our company and its services and please address any questions you may have to [email protected].