Create More Marble Life in your “Lifeless” Looking Marble

Marble-life is an elusive word. 

Over the last 20+ years, myself and staff, The Marble Institute Of America (now The Natural Stone Institute) and its directors, have faced, struggled with and worked on areas to prolong and enhance the look, beauty and appeal of Marble, Granite and Limestone.  

We at Sungloss have used "super sealing" effectively but not a panacea - acids, heavy greaser and even tomato or lemon juices have penetrated the seal and gotten into the pores of the calcium carbonate based stones - but, it's better.  Call us for details, usage

More recently, three national outfits have devised a topcoat for counters (not floors or walls) that uses resins, acrylics or epoxies to coat the Marble and prevent all "etching" (yes, it works!).  But, it is an expensive initial investment and the surface still scratches, even more easily than Marble (4-6 on the mohs scale depending on the which Marble with # densities). 

So, increasing your Marble's life is not a dead issue, but one we are consistently trying to bring back to life .. for you, the customer. 

White Marble Kitchen Counter

Marble Counter