My Experience at the StonExpo 2014

The annual Marble-Granite-Natural Stone Show coupled
with Surfaces2014 presented new ideas, old ideas rethought
and new products in the restoration and refinishing of marble,
granite, slate, terrazzo, onyx, soapstone, Limestone and
other surfaces we walk on , talk on, shower with, look at,
eat on, and more…
A HUGE gathering of professionals from around the world
at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas manned
hundreds of booths, tables and seminars to advance their
goals in the Stone Industry and others ( carpet, wood ).
The most frequent QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS I heard
were the following:


1. What is the main difference between marble and granite
    and are they ever mixed ?
    Answer:  Marble is a calcium carbonate based stone that
    is hard (but usually not as hard as granite, 5-7 on the Mohs
    scale of hardness, your fingernail may be harder!), and
    sometimes quite porous – with the unfortunate characteristic
    of being very sensitive to acids ( even mild vinegar or coca
    cola type acids ) which leave “etch marks”.
    Granite is a silicone base comprised of quartz, feldspar and
    other minerals like mica – although some have a calcium carbonate
    mix over eons (e..g. Black Absolute Granite) .
    Granite is very hard (app 9 on Mohs scale) and not quite so
    porous as marble or limestone – thus making it a great counter.


2. What do sealers do for marble and granite ?
    Answer: The most commonly used sealer for the stone industry is
    by far the “penetrating sealer” which, in fact, does penetrate
    the surface of the stone and helps liquids be repelled by
    not allowing them to run deeply into the stone. Marble
    substrate, or just beneath the surface is protected better
    but the surface itself is still vulnerable.  Only a topcoat of
    some kind – which alters the beauty of the natural look – will
    prevent ” etching “.  With granite, the sealants prevent oils, water and acids
    from penetrating to STAIN the granite – but remember granite
    resists greatly any ” etching”.


3. How do I take care of my beautiful marble or granite floors
    in my Lobby or Foyer ?
   Answer:  Moisture that lingers, dirt, sand, residue, oils , greases that
    linger and get trampled are the ” real enemies ” of marble
    and granite floors in Lobbies and Foyers.
    Carpet runners, frequent dry brooming, periodic
    Neutral Cleaner/clean mop or ” Swiffer” removal of any
    residue with a dry buff after is the best way to clean and
    protect the professional treated and sealed marble or
    granite surface.

Thousands of products – new and old – were presented at the
recent Surfaces2014-Marble/Granite/Stone Show.  Any
further questions just email or call us.  Thanks!
-Mike P