Re-writing Standards for Restoration

The commercial and historical committee of the Marble Institute of America’s (MIA) Restoration Committee (2013) is  to rewrite the standards for restoration and refinishing in the natural stone industry.  Our work on the draft is completed and sent to the MIA.  But,  I have been singularly impressed with Dr. Fred Hueston’s ” Bible ” in the Industry (available thru the MIA ph: 440-250-9222).  In it, Fred shares his knowledge of decades of experience across the USA and other countries in solving problems related to natural stone.  More important now, as we,  all of us,  try to both economize and create or save value.
Although Fred’s book may be more than what the Property Manager, Owner , or Developer really want to know, it also contains crucial , valuable information that can save lives, health, and Green Building points and status. For example , the dangers of methyl chloride and other chemicals still used today, are exposed for the end user, the planner or the developer of properties.  Anyone involved would be advised to have at least an overview of these situations.
Marble, Terrazzo, Granite , Slate, Limestone , Schist, onyx, and other rather expensive natural stone based floors, walls, facades and counters not only can be saved safely and economically, but can be brought back to ” life” renewd to the fullest degree,  looking almost like new after even decades of neglect.     –MIKE P.