Porcelain, Pre-cast Limestone and Epoxy Terrazzo

There are many different kinds of surfaces in the world – to walk on, to hold things up ( walls ) and to beautify a bldg. ( facades ). ” Curve balls ” in our industry can fool even the most experienced professional …
Porcelain originally was clay heated to a certain temp, mixed with Granite and hardened/ beautified to fine articles in China where it became so popular worldwide.  It has ” morphed ” into a Clay heated process with just about anything added to change its beautification. Once very hard and durable, it has – in some instances – lost its durability.  Pre-cast Limestone is really more of a concrete substance with more Limestone than unusual added to give it that” limestoney look “….sometimes also treated with acids on the surface to accentuate the graininess.  Epoxy Terrazzo is just that – the traditional cement based Terrazzo is really mixed with an epoxy substance to make the entire contents a bit harder, possibly more durable (depending on the circumstances) but also restored
and refinished much differently than the traditional.  No seal needed.

Keep an eye out for the ” differences ” by carefully noting texture, composition in the specifications, and , of course, the history of the customer’s experience with the same.