Slate: Not Just for Blackboards

Historically, slate was introduced in America as a blackboard in the 1800s, and now it is a top choice for designers and architects alike for flooring, wall, or bathrooms. At Sungloss Marble, we have seen slate applied in many situations, and it is quite a durable stone. Slate does not get ground or polished due to the clefts in the stone unless it is as flat as a blackboard.  An enhancing sealant can be applied to make the stone’s colors more vibrant but various sealants may yield various results.

This month we are featuring a slate project completed by our lead craftsman, Mr. Donny Bercedino. They had the tough job of removing wax coatings from a slate lobby and completed an excellent job. They even made sure to protect the newly installed wallpaper.

Slate Floor with Wax

The Slate Lobby floor had wax coating

This is the floor before.

The floor had wax coating which needed to sit in solution until it could be scraped off. Note the wall coverings to prevent any liquids from coming into contact with the expensive wallpaper.

Slate Lobby Floor

Slate Stripping work in progress

A work in progress. Notice the difference between the left and the right grout lines.

The clefts in the slate are shallow – barely noticeable in photo, but they make this beautiful slate floor non-slip.

Final Slate Result!

The final result! Now this floor is ready for the colder months. Hello, winter!