Replace or Restore – That is The Question

Historic Terrazzo Lobby Floor

Historic Terrazzo Lobby Floor

Your “once- attractive, shiny, high-gloss polished,” terrazzo lobby floor has lost its life. The residents in your building are no longer impressed and you’re beginning to look at this dull, life-less floor with the hopes of getting rid of it. Possibly even considering having it covered with a brand-spanking new expensive carpet! But before you do, you should know that there is hope.

Sungloss Marble Co. specializes in “complete stone restoration” – the green, environmentally-friendly, care for natural stone. Refinishing, cleaning, polishing, and sealing are only a number of ways Sungloss Marble brings new life to both commercial buildings and residential properties alike. Meaning you no longer have to replace or cover that old flooring. With proper care, your stone should last a lifetime!

The basic tips for maintaining your stone in a tip-top shape are to: 1. Use mats or area rugs, especially at entry and exit areas, to help minimize the dirt, grit and salt from scratching the stone. 2. Blot spills immediately. Don’t wipe. 3. Dust mop floors frequently. 4. Seal those floors. Although this step doesn’t guarantee you won’t get a stain, but will make the stone more stain resistant.

Marble, granite, terrazzo and limestone can last for thousands of years. With a little TLC, you can ensure the stones longevity and preserve it for a lifetime giving you, the residents and their visitors a scene to admire for many, many years to come.