Recession Update – Green is Growing

We recently read an interesting study at (link) which finds that despite the recession, 4 out of 5 people are continuing to buy green products and services today. This shows the reach of the green movement and also the power of consumers to tip the scale towards change. It tells us there are two ideas converging—the idea that acting to sustain our resources transcends money, and the idea that green products and services should cost no more than the former ‘non-green’ ways. Sungloss Marble Company is very exited about the study findings. We have been striving to be green in our product choice and work procedures for almost two decades now. Our customers mostly have come along with us in our enthusiasm, but overall it has been a slow rate of education and support. But now, it seems the green tide is washing over the majority of homeowners.

Despite the study on, don’t get me wrong, “green” is still a very new idea. Navigating through the many certifications and claims can be daunting. There are two good sites we’ve learned about that offer education and a searchable community forum: Rate It Green, is an online community sharing information about green building products, and more. The site is pretty new, and they are still building functionality into it, but it is worth checking out (link) Also Ecohome Magazine (link) features a wide range of building categories and products, used in case studies.