Our Process From Consultation to Restoration (Consultations Are Free!)

So, you want your natural stone spruced up for the holidaze? For a graduation? For corporate inspection? First, you call us because consultations are free! We at Sungloss Marble are prepared to diagnose your stone’s problems and determine whether it needs light maintenance, maintenance, or a full restoration. Don’t know what kind of stone you may have? Not a problem. During the visit we are sure to take detailed photographs and perform tests to get the most accurate assessment we can for you. After determining what your expectations are, we conclude the visit by exchanging contact information.

Once your stone is diagnosed, it’s back to the office to analyze our findings and then, write a proposal for your stone. This proposal highlights the services to be performed for you including but not limited to: cleaning, polishing, grinding, restoring, stripping, sealing, and natural stone pigmentation. Check out our site for a more detailed description of each process. The proposal also considers your areas of concern, and your expected luster for the stones in your property, from a honed (flat) finish to a high gloss (very shiny). Once you are satisfied with the benefits and parameters of the proposal, all we need is a signature and a deposit to book the date you desire.

Once the date has been booked, you can expect to be greeted by our skilled craftsmen the day of your appointment. Using combinations of machines, elbow grease and well-planned work; our craftsmen then refinish the stone to the specifications you want outlined in the proposal.

Interested in being a part of the process? Well, call us at 773 685 2500 to book your stone care assessment and appointment today!

P.S. More “Stone Throws”

You may have one or more of the sensitive stone surfaces! The following marble and granite stones are not really durable for lobbies and entries because of their porosity and softness:

  • Negro Marquina
  • Belgian Black
  • Emperor Black
  • Crème Marfil
  • Absolute Black Granite (really acts like a limestone!)

For more detailed info o the best stone for entryways/lobbies and heavily traffic areas, see: www.naturalstoneinstitute.org or www.sungloss.com