Natural Stone at Open House Chicago

I had an opportunity to visit some of our beautiful museums and landmarks that are not always open to the public last weekend. These museums and landmarks are filled with natural stone and other historical structures from the exterior to the interior.

I visited 2 buildings run by not-for-profit organizations. A museum on Lake Shore greets you with limestone statues. The limestone staircase is worn and dirty. The marble floors are scratched and dulled. Limestone statues that fill one room are in need of cleaning and other restoration methods. The second building I visited in Lincoln Park was just stunning. The marble lobby floor was a beautiful mix of red, green, white and pink marbles that shined. Limestone walls surrounded statues that sit upon marble pedestals.  Large marble columns surround the lobby. The building looks fitted for royalty not a memorial; a proud Chicago natural stone structure.

I love architecture and history. It was nice to take advantage of something that offered both. I was surprised by the difference of how these buildings are maintained, especially given the Lake Shore Drive address.

– Leslie Olson