Natural Stone Memorials

Memorial Day reminds me – among other things – of the very profound
and beautiful memorials we have constructed in the USA….most
of all , made of Marble or Granite…
Of course, the Lincoln Memorial comes to mind: its massive, sitting
Lincoln carved professionally looking out at his responsibilities to our
country…while sitting clean, authoritative and meaningful.
Could the same have been in Corian or Formica? Silestone?
Give me a break. All of the natural beauty, the changeability and
the finesse of the carving would be lost.
The Vietnam Memorial is another – regardless of how you may feel
about the undeclared war we waged – the profound seriousness
yet somehow serenity of the memorial emanates. The Black
Granite Absolute with carved names – thousands – speaks volumes
and leaves a lasting impression to those who view that memorial.
Done only in natural stone -the stone for memorials , entries, lobbies
and homes…..