LOBBIES – not the Legislative kind, believe me.

The Building or Hotel Lobby is usually the very 1st impression
that a visitor has at a property.  Often the impression is not even thought about or talked about –
rather it is an unconscious impression and memory
that remains with the visitor for ______ days, weeks, months ?
And all too often – also – the impression is conscious when
the surrounding areas are a ” turn off ” or emanate a “messiness or disorganization
or unkemptness ” to the visitor.
Marble, Granite, Slate, Terrazzo, Limestone and other natural
stone are the areas that either impress favorable or not.
A small amount of budget may go a long way in creating
a good impression for the visitor …and what you want to
communicate.  Some banks, for example , simply want to communicate :
strength, organization, cleanliness but not a ” glitztness”
that implies ” wastefulness or over-extravagance” so they
keep a very clean, honed ( not high gloss ) stone floor and
facade and walls , wainscoting that is devoid of high gloss
but may carry just a ” bounce” or patina of luster….sealed
well for some protection with an environmentally favorable
Thinking through what you want to communicate with your
” curb appeal” natural stone and the 1st impression…is a
very important building management issue.

We will leave you there to decide.