Home or Office Curb Appeal

According to a recent survey conducted by Professional Builder, 66.4% of buyers today consider the “curb appeal” of a building (or home) as a top selling point when purchasing.  This was followed by low maintenance costs (59.4%) and energy efficiency (32.9%).  45.5% of sellers have had the most success in selling by upgrading the exterior cladding (brick, stone, stone veneer).  With many design options on the market, it’s easy to see why that product category made the top spot.


Sungloss first reported on the “curb appeal” of a building in March of 2015, when The Northern Real Estate Magazine reported on empty units and loss of income due to the “curb appeal” of a building.  It could be a selling, or breaking point.  The new report by Professional Builder substantiates this claim even further by asking consumers directly what they look for when they buy or sell.


Whether it’s the beautifully crafted stone lobby in the condo building, or the stone cladding in a home, detailing is an important factor to attract potential buyers or renters.   Don’t sell yourself short, and make your home, or office, authentic and appealing to the eye.  You never know who’s looking.