Educational Institutions Lead in LEED-Certified Renovation, Marble Restoration

Recently, Sungloss Marble Restoration Company President, Mike Pavilon attended a great and informative presentation with the Director of Design and Construction at Northwestern University. There, he learned that of the $100-150 million annual dollars that Northwestern University currently allocates to construction projects, 49% of that will be spent on existing buildings. And all projects intend to achieve some level of LEED certification. These facts interested us because of Sungloss Marble Restoration Company’s dedication to environmentally efficient practices, namely our involvement with LEED-certified natural stone restoration; a link to a LEED-certified Chicago office space renovation project we were involved with can be found here.

We are also interested in those statistics because frankly, our business of natural stone restoration (polishing, honing, cleaning, grinding, stripping, restoring and sealing) is perfectly well suited to natural stone renovation projects in schools, universities, and colleges. In fact, Northwestern University has contracted with us in the past. Their intent for LEED certification in everything they do greatly inspires and energizes us to further our environmental goals and achievements. Through their stature as an leader in so many fields, we hope other educational institutions look to Northwestern as an environmental leader as well. Scanning the internet, we found a couple LEED-certified renovation projects at educational institutions around the country that were equally inspiring:

Restoration Projects at Emory University that are also applying for LEED involved removing 130 tons of marble cladding and reusing and/or storing it for future reuse –

And, at Eastern Oregon University, another LEED project which included saving marble rather than adding it to a landfill –