Disinfecting Marble, Granite and Other Stone Surfaces

Covid-19 has most of us disinfecting our homes from floor to ceiling.  There’s an old wives’ tale that says “vinegar is safe and can be used on all surfaces including Marble, Granite, Limestone ….”.  In very small, diluted amounts, yes, it’s safe to use every-so-often.  However, the use of vinegar as a disinfectant or daily cleaner on Marble and other natural stone surfaces will eat away at the surface, dull it, and eventually deteriorate the stone.  Reader’s Digest further states, “using vinegar to clean your Granite or Marble countertops can ruin their smooth, shiny surface. The acidic cleaners may etch the surface and leave a dull or discolored spot behind”.

Bleach has also been a high disinfecting resource, also a “no-no” on natural stone, and “deadly” when mixed with ammonia. 

Instead, we recommend you use a solution of 4-5 drops of Dawn dish soap with a cup of water, deep clean with a white nylon scouring pad, rinse the area with clean water and buff dry with a microfiber cloth.  The green Dawn serves as an antibacterial and a degreaser in one. 

Keep that vinegar for your windows and coffee makers.  Natural stone is sensitive and should be treated as such.  Don’t forget to wash your hands! 

Etched Marble Top

Acid etch on Marble Top