Cuba, Marble & Limestone Restoration, and Sungloss Marble Co.

Our President and owner returned from an excursion to Havana, La Terrazza and Trinidad, Cuba recently among other fascinating spots in this beautiful but complicated country of friendly peoples.


We actually beat the POTUS and Mick Jagger to Cuba! The POTUS arrived yesterday, 3-20-16 -and Mick soon.  Cuba is filled with long time, 50+ years old Marble structures and Limestone galore.


The Capitol Bldg of Cuba in Havana is a marble structure modeled after the US Capitol – but a foot taller!  The tour guides love to point that out!  Marble, Granite and Limestone are commonplace in the hotels and some restaurants.


Our President had his eyes and ears open for the need for restoration of some of the neglected natural stone – along with his continuous interaction with the friendly people of Cuba.


Cuba is a long, narrow island of app. 12 million people (vs. the est. 3 1/2 of Puerto Rico) that is a myriad of green, natural stone, semi-restored buildings. and a treasure of historic properties with an abundance of work needed. With the average income of the citizen of Cuba at less than 50 US$/person per month, but with tourist $ arriving from France, Germany, Canada and, now the USA – with a different, non-peso tour Cuban Commerce “dollar”- something has “got to give”, soooon.


We are hoping and working for the best for this 800 mile long beautiful island to finally enter the 21st Century with keeping its equal medical attention to all along with new employment to restore its invaluable structures.


Go, Cuba , go…


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