Corian Vs. Natural Stone

Ever heard of a ” Corian Floor ” ?
I haven’t, must be some reason why, and we’ve been doing
floors, facades, counters and wall restoration with natural stone
like marble and limestone for almost 20 years.
Corian is used for counters and is really a tough form of
plastic  (remember The Graduate ? – ” plastics are the future”)
And, Corian CAN be restored – not terribly unlike the process
used for marble, terrazzo, granite and limestone.
Sungloss Marble Company – along with a restoration of Terrazzo
floors/corridors – is completing the restoration of over 40 Corian
Counters this week – as I write.
The Corian was abraded, scratched and stained – not unlike
what happens to marble. The Corian – altho looking rather
” plasticky ” after installation – actually took on a more natural
appearance after refinishing, sealing, buffing. We believe the
edepth and slightly lower luster lent to that improvement.
There are NO ” corian national monuments” that I know of
and NO ” corian floors” used in Airports across the USA –
but – there is a time and place for everything.
Just don’t go out replacing your marble or granite today
with Corian – it might not work for you.