Chicago Limestone Cleaning Tips

Sungloss Marble Restoration Company has been servicing residential, commercial, real estate developers, construction companies, City of Chicago buildings, and even government buildings for over 20 years. Even though our name has ‘marble’ in it, we service all types of stone, including limestone.

Limestone is a calciferous stone that is similar to marble. “Calciferous” stone is a group of stone that reacts badly to household food and drink, or over-the-counter cleaning products. Limestone is also more porous than marble or granite, so spills and stains can easily penetrate the pores.

The first thing to avoid when cleaning limestone is acid. Acid or acidic cleaners will do more harm than good. Dust mop the floor often with a basic dust broom; try to avoid Swiffer-type products, as some of them contain chemicals that could hurt the floor in the long term. Floor mats also help keep dirt and particles from scratching the floor.

The best cleaner for limestone is a rinseless, neutral-pH stone soap, applied at least once a week. A clean mop or nylon scrub pad are the best tools to use. If a stubborn stain needs scrubbing, a softer nylon bristle scrub brush or a toothbrush can be used.

Deep stains or acid etches take a little more to try to get out. Sometimes they can be remedied with a poultice, or wet grinding. Those last two items are usually best left to a professional.

Sungloss Marble Restoration Company is not only good at marble. We’re also professional limestone restorers, and we’ll dazzle you with our service and value-adding stone restoration services.