Chicago Blizzard Only Brief Interruption of Marble and Natural Stone Restoration

If you are reading this from anywhere in Chicagoland, you know already the Great Blizzard of 2011 was the third largest in recorded Chicago meteorological history. Yesterday, winds of 63 mph were recorded in Waukegan, and two feet of snow fell in the Northern Suburbs. While this is nothing to shake a stick at, Sungloss’ Marble Restoration Company’s main office facility is already cleared and primed to get back to business—thanks to some of our team members and helpers who stepped up and grabbed shovels!

Besides shoveling snow in Chicago today, Sungloss Marble Restoration Company’s President, Mike Pavilon was hard at work (or hardly working?) in Las Vegas last week at Stone Expo 2011. Stone Expo is a huge trade show that offers multitudes of connections and resources to help further the quality and efficiency of our natural stone restoration work. Bigger still, it was an opportunity to search out ways to lower the environmental impact of the natural stone honing, polishing, cleaning, sealing, and restoration work we do.

A couple of our biggest partners in industry education, and environmental conservation, are the Marble Institute of America (MIA), and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The USGBC has been promoting ways to lower a building’s carbon footprint for years, and Sungloss has been a USGBC member for years as well. We’ve spoken about them in previous blogs, and will pick up on them again in the near future. For now, fresh off our meetings in Vegas (pictured below), our emphasis is the MIA.

The Marble Institute of America is one of our greatest resources for marble and natural stone data and technical specs. And in turn, one of our greatest resources for finding solutions to any kind of natural stone cleaning, polishing, honing, or sealing question that may arise in the course of our work. The MIA is dedicated to education and assistance, on anything marble and natural stone related. They are truly one of our most cherished partners, and the face-to-face meetings Mike had at Stone Expo 2011 were a great way to revitalize the relationship. It is with their help, Sungloss Marble Restoration Company has been successfully serving our Chicagoland customers, including Contractors, Banks, Federal Buildings, Home Owners, and Developers, to name a few, for over 20 years.

Marble Institute of America, at Stone Expo 2011

some of MIA's Resources