Building Green, Restoring Green

Sungloss Marble Restoration Company admires as a rich resource of information to builders and designers to ultimately “bring the built environment into greater harmony with the natural environment.” It is a one-stop-shopping site for reading on all aspects of environmentally responsible building, from single-family home issues to corporate responsibility and everything in between. The professionals at make their case strongly for a better world, through education and calls to action. Indoor spaces that are healthy to their inhabitants, as well as structures that are healthy to all outdoor inhabitants result from their example.

Sungloss Marble Restoration hopes to lead by example in our own way. We have sung the praises of ‘restoration instead of new installation’ in previous blogs. We use water-based penetrating stone sealers instead of high-voc products. Our efforts are a portion of actions builders, designers, and homeowners can take to make environmentally impacting choices. offers more action in other arenas.

Under’s “Resources and Materials” heading, there are topics related to (but not limited to) our business of marble, granite, limestone, terrazzo, and other natural stone restoration and maintenance. For example, articles on Recycled and Salvaged Materials, and Efficient Use of Resources. We’ve written before how refinishing natural stone is a value-rich option that sometimes saves otherwise-good natural stone slabs or tiles from the dumpster. Besides stone-centric information, much more information on their site is not related to stone. However, we encourage our customers to investigate this rich site to learn ways to lower energy costs in all arenas.

This part of’s mission statement is inspiring:
“Promote the health and prosperity of the company and our employees, owners, associates, and customers; and model socially and environmentally responsible business practices and corporate citizenship.” Coincidentally, while doing more reading on the subject of encouraging green building and green thinking, we ran across a very useful blog called It’s job-centric focus might help those interested, land a job doing the kind of socially responsible environmental work’s mission statement refers to. We encourage you to check it out!