Beautify your Environment in Presidential Style – Commercial or Residential

When most people think of natural stone, such as Marble or Granite, they imagine their kitchen countertops, bathroom floor, or somewhere else in their house.  However, having stone surrounding your house can make a dramatic difference for your property and the neighborhood.

That is being acknowledged in recent years, even by certain Presidents.  The Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Arkansas was designed to not just be a unique building, but to beautify a specific area: the Arkansas Riverfront.  Mary Margaret Jones, landscape architect for the Presidential center, followed the directions of The Clintons very closely.  It was not just create a building, but to create a neighborhood that was welcoming and inviting.

How can you do that for your property?  Consider natural stone.  A quartzite , slate, or well protected limestone can add a warmth to an outdoor patio, pathway to your garden, or common outdoor commercial space.

However, before you begin, a few things to remember.  Put your artistic skills to work and try to match the stone with the overall décor of your office or home exterior.  The color of the stone will either lighten up an area or tone it down.  Also, the correct sealer is always important when dealing with any stone.  Finally, all stone will require maintenance.  Consult with your local professional for upkeep and annual sealing, preventing more serious problems by neglect.

With summer coming up, now could be the time to beautify your neighborhood.  With the right choice, you too can beautify your surroundings and neighborhood, adding a “Presidential look” for all to admire.