Limestone, Marble, Granite: Award-Winning Designs and Maintenance

This Solid Marble Chair May Need Cleaning and Sealing In the Future

This unusual marble chair caught our eye while perusing through some architecture and design magazines. We wondered if it was a bit gaudy. On second thought, there are almost an infinite number of design schemes and interiors, and the chair surely has a home somewhere. And where that is, Sungloss Marble Restoration Company can maintain it!

Thinking further on the question of interior design with marble, Sungloss can add to the conversation. We’ve been in the business of cleaning, sealing, honing, and polishing marble, granite, limestone, slate, and terrazzo to name a few, for over 20 years. In the course of this time we’ve seen some utterly brilliant designs, created by some of Chicagoland’s most respected architects and designers. And on the flipside, we’ve also been hired to work on some truly horrendous designs that make you wonder “what were they thinking?” And then there are tragic situations where a wonderfully planned and designed remodel or new construction job went south because of the contractor’s ignorance on how to install and treat natural stone. Those jobs are where Sungloss Marble’s experience and value shines through. We’ve pretty much seen it all, and we know what needs to happen to fix it.

Think of consulting Sungloss Marble Company when you want to maintain, clean, seal, hone, or polish your natural stone design, award-winning or not. Or when you spill wine on your solid marble chair!