Split Faced Concrete Water Seepage Issues Alleviated Through Sealing

This week we thought we would focus our blog on split faced concrete masonry block constructions. These rough-cut concrete blocks (often mistaken for limestone) have frequently been used as the main building material of new Chicago condominium buildings in the last 30 years, especially in the last 10. Unfortunately, water seepage problems are coming to light, a condition that usually exposes a lack of quality built in by the developers of these condos. Sungloss Marble Restoration Company is part of the effort to correct the problems, through sealing the concrete.

The problem stems from the fact that more than a few developers during last decade’s real estate boom cut corners, or just weren’t aware of the properties of their building materials. Split faced concrete building blocks absorb water well, and quickly. They must be treated with water-repelling additives. The buildings with huge moisture and mold problems probably weren’t treated properly: most likely water-repelling additives or sealers were not applied to the blocks. To make matters worse, many of these buildings also did not have prescribed protective inner plastic lining or other building devices that can be employed to manage water seepage. Here, water can literally seep directly from the front of the building right through to the living room drywall.

There have been a few recent stories in the media on this issue. The most recent being a piece on Chicago Tonight (WTTW); about a year ago This American Life on WBEZ featured the plight of first-time condo owners facing build-quality issues in a story that outlined many of the same issues.

We at Sungloss Marble Restoration Company do our part on this issue first and foremost through education. However, we also have the knowhow, experience, and the proper sealers at our disposal to fix the problem! As we have been for over 20 years on limestone, bluestone, sandstone, granite, and marble bricks, pavers, and facades, we can seal split concrete buildings, offering protection at excellent value as well.